Since 2019, I have been a Graduate Tutor (and concurrently, a PhD student) at the National University of Singapore's Computer Science Department.

Before this, I was an undergraduate TA, and I had such a good experience that I decided to pursue teaching :)

I focus primarily on (and have taught) systems modules such as:
  • CS2106: Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CS3210: Parallel Computing
  • CS3211: Parallel and Concurrent Programming
However I have also taught security modules in the past, such as:
  • CS2107: Introduction to Information Security
This focus is in line with my research on sensors (a systems-heavy area) and their security implications.


I'm fortunate to have received teaching awards during both my undergraduate and graduate teaching career.
  • AY 2023/2024: Annual Teaching Excellence Award (ATEA) - Team Category
  • AY 2021/2022: Full Time Teaching Assistant Award
  • AY 2021/2022: NUS Long Service Award
  • AY 2020/2021: Full Time Teaching Assistant Award
  • AY 2018/2019: Honors List of Student Tutors

Teaching Ratings

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