Secrets: an OS puzzle

- 1 min


It feels like it’s getting rarer to do things “just because”.

From 2003 to 2013, one person created something amazing, “just because”. Few people understand how monumental this achievement was. Unfortunately, this never captured the public consciousness as other things did. Perhaps it was because of the creator’s severe mental illness. Or perhaps, it was because he passed away relatively recently, and was no longer able to advocate for his work. Nevertheless, there exists out there a relatively obscure system, created by an unrecognized genius of our time.

This puzzle is a tribute to doing something “just because”.



This puzzle is based within the aforementioned system. Your knowledge of operating systems and C will be useful, but ultimately curiosity is the more useful trait here. Just like no module will prepare you fully for real issues, the answers cannot be found within CS2106. All instructions are found within the puzzle itself in a README file.

The idea behind this puzzle is to enjoy the learning process and not just the solution. In fact, getting the solution is perhaps the least interesting part of this whole thing. Enjoy, explore, and hopefully appreciate a piece of OS history.

Download puzzle here

Mirror: potentially faster download here

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