About Paper Review

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Paper Review

The point of “Paper Review” is to summarize research articles I found interesting. To that end, these reviews will start with an oversimplified abstract, then break down the premises and contributions of the paper, and finally go in-depth into topics found in the paper. While these were initially written to aid my own understanding of the research, hopefully they’ll be both enlightening and cater to whatever depth-of-interest you might be into.

Questions for any research paper

  1. What is the problem that the paper is trying to solve? Why is it important?
  2. To solve the problem, a good paper must provide an insightful observation that eventually would lead to the solution. What’s the most important observation that this paper makes?
  3. What’s the proposed solution? How does the paper leverage the above insight to devise the solution?
  4. What are the advantages of the solution?
  5. What are the disadvantages of the proposed solution? How would you improve this work to avoid the disadvantages?

Thank you to Assistant Professor Djordje Jevdjic from NUS for this framework.

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